Success Story 2016-09-27T20:28:47+00:00

KFAI-FM community radio, a non-profit radio station serving the Twin Cities, was looking to increase the number of listeners to their bread-and-butter programming—the Blues and Soul music block on weekday afternoons.

The Go-To Guys informed KFAI of the Google Grant program and initiated a Google AdWords campaign.  The campaign focused on promoting Blues and Soul music programming.  We created two ads for the campaign—one for mobile phone and the other for desktop.

With only a $2 per-click maximum bid, KFAI’s Blues page received a 124% increase in sessions in the first month of the campaign.  Then it received another 11% increase over that in the second month of the campaign.

Increasing traffic to your website helps the public become aware that your organization exists.   This is the first step in increasing awareness and ultimately increasing revenue.