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We help you develop a strategic marketing plan and advise on the best approach for your business.

  • Set up your Google My Business account.
  • Set up your Google AdWords account. This includes:
    • Setting up ad campaigns.
    • Creation of ads.
    • keyword research.
    • Keyword bid strategy.
  • Set up your Google Analytics account.
  • Connect your various Google accounts so they communicate.
Go-To Guys Digital

Once your Google accounts are set up and the campaign is launched, Go-To Guys Digital will…

  • Monitor the results of your campaign.
  • Monitor your website traffic data.
  • Continue keyword research and monitor keyword effectiveness.
  • Modify keyword bidding strategy as necessary.
  • Pause ineffective ads and create new ads as necessary.
    • Including some graphic design as needed.
  • Modify website pages as needed (if the website is in WordPress).
  • Create goals in Google Analytics to track conversions.
  • Provide updates on the success (or failure) of campaigns.
  • Provide continuing digital marketing consultation.
  • And very likely more.


The Guys To “Go-To” For Your Digital Marketing Services.